Rule 4-Application explained

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COLREGS-International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea Explained For Exams

Rule 4-Application explained

 Before start reading the below topic make sure that you are
 familiar with the rules and important terms associated
 with the rules. if you don't; go to
 previous topics - ror-explained 

Firstly go through the rules,

Rule 4-Application

Rules in this section apply in any condition of visibility.

Explanation of Rules

Tips: We sorted important topics below, it will help you out in exams. good luck


  • The above section applies to all vessels and under any condition of visibility.
  • In good visibility as well as when under poor visibility and whatever cause may be.
  • This rule is under Part B, Section 1- Conduct of vessels in any condition of visibility. please refer below diagram,genaral arrangement of ror

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